Did you know that the first men's bags that ever existed were meant to be men's accessories? Men used them to hold utensils, such as purses … Since the late 1800s, women have begun to use bags as a symbol of emancipation which is combined with the usefulness of the accessory itself. For a few years now, high fashion has overturned the rules by bringing bags back into men's wardrobes.


Men's bags have now become a must-have accessory. Thanks to new models, original designs, styles and colors that combine comfort and versatility, it is no coincidence that the leather bag for men is increasingly present in the outfits of every fashionable man.
The right men's bag is able to give grit to your look, it is an accessory that stands out, whether it is for an important occasion, for leisure, for work or for a trip. The secret lies in choosing a model that is essential, elegant and functional.


Elegance is defined by the material with which the bag is made, leather is the most suitable. In fact, leather gives a refined and refined look to the wearer, as well as being the most resistant and long-lasting material over time. Another secret to choosing the perfect leather bags for men is to focus on classic colors such as black, blue, brown, honey that allows you to easily combine them with all your outfits.


All our products are made of genuine Italian leather, using high quality materials that meet the strictest guidelines in terms of sustainability. In fact, not everyone knows that the product made by the tanning industry, that is the real leather, comes from the waste of the food industry being a by-product of the skin of animals destined for slaughter. Since ancient times, leather has therefore been an example of recovery and enhancement of a product that otherwise should be disposed of with a consequent environmental impact.
Therefore, the art of tanning can be considered one of the first examples of circular economy in human history.
Even during the leather tanning phases, low environmental impact materials are used, such as vegetable tannins that contribute to making the tanned leather, that is a product that enhances its characteristics over the years.

The leathers we use in the production of our products are always made in Italy and are of various types:

Full grain vegetable tanned and hand buffered leather – Leather from cattle, vegetable tanned and colored by hand buffering. This leather is distinguished by its appearance which reveals the natural characteristics of the leather surface (in the jargon of grain) and which gives the material a completely natural appearance. The coloring is done by hand buffering, also giving the material different shades of color that make the finished product unique in its kind.

Smooth leather – Leather from cattle, chrome tanned and mechanically colored on the surface. Chrome tanning is not harmful to human health as the dangerous substances that could be contained in it were banned in the European Union in the 1980s. Its appearance is smooth as it is not obtained from the grain of the leather and therefore its surface is much more regular. Even the coloring, occurring mechanically, is almost uniform.
Hammered leather – Leather from cattle, chrome-tanned and mechanically colored on the surface. Its appearance is very characteristic and has an irregular grain due to a process called drumming. The coloring takes place mechanically and is almost uniform.

Full-grain nappa leather – Leather from cattle, chrome-tanned and finished with aniline. This finish gives the material characteristics of softness and refinement, leaving the natural aspect of the leather (grain) unaltered. Its appearance is very similar to vegetable tanned leather, but it is to the touch that you notice the difference as the aniline leather is softer and silky. The coloring takes place inside the barrels used for the tanning, and the coloring is much more uniform than the hand dabbing while maintaining a very natural look.


Our bags are designed and made entirely in Italy. The design of one of our bags is the result of the very long Italian tradition in the fashion sector. In Tuscany Leather we also have a peculiarity: our best stylist is our customer! In fact, every time we deliver one of our leather bags to a customer, we always ask, after some time, what improvements it would bring. This information is collected and processed by our style department, which is mainly composed of young people, and is often a source of inspiration to improve our products or to design new ones.

And for those looking for an extra touch of exclusivity?
In Tuscany Leather we were the first to adopt laser technology to engrave into leather. In this way it is possible to personalize each of our leather bags, creating engravings such as initials, names, aphorisms or even images. In this way it is possible to make our leather bags unique. What better gift than a personalized leather bag? Trust our long experience and ask our personal shoppers who will guide you in your purchases.


The interiors of our leather shoulder bags are made using high quality materials, totally non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Our covers are made of resin-coated polyester fabric or cotton fabric. Cotton is mainly used in travel bags, as it is a material in contact with clothes and has less allergenic risks. On the other hand, resin-coated polyester is used where interiors need characteristics that are more resistant to dirt and wear. We also use high quality metal accessories made with a double galvanic bath, in order to reduce the risk of oxidation. The ZIP hinges used are double sliding hinges of the well-known Japanese brand YKK, world leader in the sector.

The interior design is aimed at making each of our products respond to daily needs. Inside our bags there are always many pockets closed by ZIP, both internal and external. We also always try to make various internal housings for everyday objects such as smartphones. Even in terms of internal compartments, we always try to create many separate spaces that make organizing our content much easier.


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