Over the years, fashion has changed fast. We have seen women evolve from dress to dress. Not only in clothing, but also in accessories. Along with tastes, ambitions have also changed. To date, leather accessories are considered the most elegant and refined to wear especially in the workplace.

It doesn't matter what time of year it is: it's always a great time to buy women's handbags. Choosing the right bag is a fundamental step.

It's not just about choosing an accessory, but about a faithful companion who will be by our side every day. The bag is the casing that contains everything you need to face even the most difficult days. For this reason, it is essential to evaluate various factors to be sure of buying the right one. 

There are many variations of women's bags, in different fabrics and colors. One thing is certain, genuine leather womens bags are the most versatile and prestigious on the market. Tuscany Leather offers you a wide selection of women's bags for every occasion: for walks with friends, for busy weekends dedicated to shopping, or for the most elegant evening dates. Find out how to choose the right bag for you below!


The 2023 trends for handcrafted leather bags reward the most minimal and large-sized designs. Bye bye Micro bags, welcome  large and spacious bags! You can wear them over the shoulder, arm or hand, even for the evening!

Soft but structured lines that guarantee comfort all day long. It's time for soft and quilted bags too. Among the top models we also find the half-moon shoulder bags, medium-sized and perfect for the evening. The duffel bags also return glorious from the past, structured and luxurious, embellished with gold-colored metal zips.

The hottest bags of 2023 are held tightly in your hands: it's the year of Top Handle Bags! Practical, roomy, designed for dynamic women who always want to be impeccable. They are essentially day bags, designed to be fashion allies in your free time and in the office. They generally have a rectangular shape with the upper handle in evidence, or trapezoidal for a more sophisticated touch. 

You can wear it on your wrist, to be immediately elegant, or by gripping the handle only with your fingers. Finally you no longer have to leave anything at home due to the capacity of the bag.


When we decide to buy a new bag, especially for everyday wear, we all want to find "the right one". It should fit your lifestyle perfectly, not to mention the rest of your wardrobe. It needs to be practical and refined. But the most important aspect to consider is that your perfect bag must be something you will also appreciate for years to come. Buying a leather bag can be a long-term investment, thanks to the durability of the material. This is why it is important to always choose the highest quality and take into consideration the following factors

  • style,
    • material,
  • dimensions,
  • color.

Consider our guide as a starting point when choosing your next companion in everyday life.
Here are some steps to follow to find the best bag that fits your style!


It doesn't matter what time of the year it is: it's always a great time to buy a new bag. Choosing the right women's bags is a fundamental step. It's not just about choosing an accessory, but finding a faithful companion that will be by our side every day.

Women’s handbags contain everything you need to face even the most difficult days. For this reason it’s important to find the very right one for you.

On Tuscany Leather website you will find a wide selection of italian bags for every occasion: whether you’re meeting your friends for lunch or going to the most elegant events, there is nothing more stylish than an italian fashion bag. Find out below how to choose the right bag for you!

Discover shoulder bags and fashionable women's backpacks!


According to the daily lifestyle of every woman, there is a model of women's bag that will satisfy her every need for functionality and design. Discover below all the models of Tuscany Leather genuine leather purses!


They are the most spacious and practical bags on the market! They have long handles to be worn comfortably as a shoulder bag.
They are perfectly suited to everyday life and also for shopping (hence their name). To meet the need for capacity, they always have medium or large leather purse dimensions.


They are similar to Shoppers, so they are large and very roomy. Perfect for everyday life, especially for work.
What distinguishes tote bag shoulder from the former are the handles. Unlike shoppers, leather Tote Bags have short handles to be worn by hand, with ease.


The hobo shoulder bag is a crescent-shaped bag. Hobo bags are made of soft, flexible materials and tend to sag or sag when placed on the shoulder. This model is very comfortable and perfect for more informal occasions.


It is the most particular model among women's bags. It can have a soft or rigid structure, what distinguishes it is the closure: usually with a lace that surrounds the top of the bag, joining the flaps. Since bucket bags are a fashion must have again, all brand have redesigned their look. For this reason the bucket bag is perfect on any outfits and in every season. It doesn't matter if it's cold or warm, sunny or rainy, it's always a great time to wear this stylish handbag. You will love its versatility. There is really no wrong way to wear a bucket bag. 


They are the perfect style for those who can't stand having their hands full! In fact, they are equipped with a usually adjustable shoulder strap, they can be worn both on the shoulder and "crossbody". This way of wearing them makes them much safer from possible theft.

Thanks to their incredible comfort they have been redesigned in all shapes, colors, sizes and different for every occasion. So you can find more casual shoulder bags, suitable for the most hectic days, or the most elegant ones that almost look like jewels that will enhance your most beautiful clothes!


The clutch bag is a small handbag suitable for holding only the essentials. It is worn mainly by hand and for elegant or evening events, it is generally a model reserved for special occasions. Tuscany Leather have decided to create models that meet glamor and practicality. This is why all our soft leather clutches are equipped with both a wrist strap and a detachable shoulder strap. In this way you will be free to enjoy the evening with your hands free!


Once you have chosen the size, you can move on to the evaluation of the material. As already mentioned, leather is the most versatile of all. Women's leather purses match perfectly with every outfit, from the sportiest to the most formal (obviously based on the style and color).
Thanks to the high quality of the material, you will always have a refined and sophisticated look. In addition, the leather is extremely resistant, by taking care of it periodically you will be able to wear it for many years without fear of changing trends. In fact, genuine leather never go out of fashion!


Each bag for women has its own character, not only thanks to its shape but also to the type of leather with which it was created. Here are the types of leathers we use for our bags:

  • Hammered or dollar leather. It is the most common process for the production of genuine leather purses. The cowhide leather is hot stamped with an irregular texture that makes the surface soft to the touch but very resistant.
    • Smooth leather. It is the semi-finished high quality calfskin leather. It is smooth to the touch and holds its shape well, which is why it is used by many artisans for the production of rigid bags and backpacks.
      • Saffiano leather. The workmanship created by Prada. The calfskin is hot stamped with a particularly scratched texture. It is very resistant and waterproof.
      • Full grain leather. It is the most precious and resistant layer of cowhide leather. In particular, it is the most superficial part of the skin, which is why it maintains the natural characteristics of the animal's skin. Bags created with this type of leather have character and make any outfit immediately more sophisticated.


A leather purse, handcrafted according to the ancient tradition of Tuscan tanning, can be the element that makes the difference in all your outfits! It is elegant, sophisticate and is able to enhance even the simplest dress.

Since it will be the most important accessory in your daily outfits, you will need to pay particular attention to choose the right one.

When will you use it the most, day or night? At work or for leisure? What is the one that best suits your style? Here are some tips that will help you make the most appropriate choice.


During the day you always juggle a thousand commitments, and it is normal that the bag should first of all be a practical accessory, which gives you the right freedom of movement. For this reason, we recommend women's bags with slightly wider handles or with detachable shoulder straps.

In the evening, however, you should bring only the essentials with you, so it's the right time to show off the most beautiful and fancy handbags you have in your wardrobe. Carried gently between the fingers, they instantly give a touch of great class to your evening outfit.


Are you looking for a handbag leather for your working days? You could opt for a functional, spacious model that can contain everything you need inside to spend your endless hours away from home. Or you can expand your choice to a backpack bag. They are bags convertible into a backpack that allow you to have two comfortable products in one.

Are you looking for a more elegant model, for an important dinner or for a sophisticated event? Clutches or soft leather handbags are the best choice! On the other hand, you must never forget the rule that the darker it gets, the more the bag shrinks. To go out for a few hours in the evening, you will really need to bring the essentials with you! Card holder, lipstick, face powder and handkerchiefs.
These are the first questions you should ask yourself before buying a new bag.


Tuscany Leather offers a wide range of colors for leather womens bags. We love the fashion of the moment, which allows you to combine bags of any color without following precise rules, especially in casual environments. For work, on the other hand, we recommend keeping to the classic: full-grain leather bag in blue, brown, honey, black and for the more daring red! Discover also the Tuscany Leather women's wallet, perfect to combine with your new bag!


Everyone knows the superpower of leather womens bags: they give self confidence to anyone who wears them. And this is precisely one of the main objectives of Tuscany Leather's production. We deeply believe in the extraordinary strength of women and, with our bags, we want everyone to find their determination and never leave it.

So we have created an all-female line, studded with different models suitable for every need and lifestyle. Discover the handbags and shoulder bags for women of artisanal production. Vibrant shades and trendy designs are our mantra. Perfect down to the smallest detail, designed to satisfy your taste and the desire to always bring a faithful life partner by your side.


Every single Tuscany Bags leather handbag  for women is created with love and passion by professional craftsmen. Despite the most innovative designs, the tradition and art of Tuscan tanning are the basis of our production. We want you to have only the best in quality, practicality and style! Our bags are studied in detail also in terms of interiors and organization.
We know that busy women have little time to keep their bags in order, which is why our creations have several pockets and compartments inside, perfect for holding all your personal items. This way, you no longer have to worry about looking for lipstick, smartphone, wallet or even worse the keys on the bottom of the bag. You will have everything easily at your fingertips.

Everything’s in its place and accessible at the same time!


Just as your skin, also the leather of the bags must be pampered periodically. By taking care of it, you will ensure that your women's handbags always remain as if you had just bought them.
It is not complicated to clean and hydrate your bag, just follow these simple steps:

  • Dust off the product
    • Apply a dab of leather cream to a clean cotton cloth and massage the skin
  • Wait 15 minutes until the cream is completely absorbed
  • Rub vigorously with a clean cotton cloth to polish the leather and revive the color
  • Repeat these steps once a month

Another trick to take care of your bag's leather is to protect it from water using a waterproofing spray for real leather.

Tuscany Leather has created a line of leather care line products TL Care that are safe, simple and quick to use.


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